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  • To encourage all the activities which are in-line to the interests of the foreign investors through their missions in the state both Diplomatic missions and various Honorary Consulates in Karnataka.
  • To co-operate & provide opportunities to the NRIs residing outside the country, to enhance and develop the Kannada literary and cultural activities through these missions.
  • To formulate and implement the programmes necessary to achieve further development in the fields of Tourism, IT / BT, Science / Technology and Research in the State with the co-operation of the foreign missions thereby co-ordinating faster and quicker results for both investors and missions.
  • To establish a Knowledge and Skill Bank of state and provide for the missions.
  • To encourage the foreign missions to participate in the development programmes of academic and related spheres in the State and also conduct business road shows from time to time.
  • To encourage the foreign investors through the missions to invest in industries and infrastructure projects in the State.
  • To encourage the Foreign missions to participate in the development programmes of socio-economic sphere in the State there by giving them a better understanding at grass root level.
  • To have the web portal of which will enable all people from Karnataka to have one point contact with all foreign missions to initiate their enquiries and also provide information to the foreign missions on different departments of the state with districts, taluk and village information.

Membership Benefits

  • Brings Consuls and other diplomats together with top level officials of the Federal and Local Government who make or implement policies critical for conducting consular duties
  • Offers unparalleled opportunities to network with colleagues
  • Sponsors superior training events to help consuls effectively execute their duties